Known Brands Unknown Stories 1


Known Brands Unknown Stories 1 
Author Ioannis N. Protopapadakis
Title Known Brands Unknown Stories 1
Subtitle Γνωστά Όνόματα Άγνωστες Ιστορίες
Category Enterpreneurship& Innovation,Succession Planning
/ 978-960-351-711-5  
Publisher Stamoule A.E.
Country Greece
Published 01-Nov-2007
No of Pages 340

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It is very interesting how well-known brands and organizations have become so famous and popular around the world during the past century, but their stories are unknown to the people. The book describes how these brand names came up, how their names were developed and how they have managed to succeed throughout the years.

Impressive stories of about 70 brand names becoming so successful like HOOVER, HONDA, MALBORO, MONT BLANC, the ice cream with the exotic taste HAAGEN DANS, the development of home delivery for TUPPERWARE and many others are being described.

One successful example of new ideas is the one introduced by IKEA to provide food for the customers within its stores, as the owner thought that with an empty stomach the customer could not have the motivation to purchase products.

The conclusion is that even in periods of crisis, the owners and managers need to think as creatively as possible and as close to the customer needs, so as to attract more customers to survive and promote their products. Successful managers will manage to get out of the crisis with smart thinking and a bit of luck.

Contributed by: Dora Siekkeri