Inspirational Manager


Inspirational Manager 
Author Judith Leary-Joyce
Title Inspirational Manager
Subtitle How to Build Relationships That Deliver Results
Category Leadership,Management,Teams& Coaching
0273745689 / 978-0273745686  
Publisher Pearson Business
Country UK
Published 17-Mar-2011
No of Pages 344

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Some bosses are better than good - they're inspirational. Their teams deliver exceptional performance because they can't imagine letting their manager down. These Inspirational Managers earn more respect, suffer less stress and produce better results than other managers. Want to be one? This book tells you how.

Inspirational Manager goes to the very 'heart' of management, it shows you how to be a great manager and remain true to yourself. It shows you how to uncover the best in your people and how to have the tough conversations when they are needed. Drawing on the experiences of real inspirational managers, facing real challenges and managing real people, Inspirational Manager gives you the tools and techniques to ensure that people notice you and say "Now there's a great manager!"

Like the managers in the book, you'll find at times that it is hard work but immensely satisfying. You'll love what you do, deliver great results and make a difference. Who knows, you and your team might start enjoying Mondays as much as Fridays!

The great thing about reading this book is that it is actually a selfstudy guide with a difference. Unlike most books that give you the theory and a few stories, this book truly supports the individual who wants to improve their management and leadership skills by offering a step-by-step process which can easily be incorporated into the day-to-day life of a busy manager. It starts slow and builds up, allowing the reader time to reflect and act on each section before moving on to the ‘harder’ elements of what it takes to be more than just a good manager. The action lists at the end of each chapter offer easy and practical – do-it-now – actions which take little time as well as more longterm development plans.

This is a good tool for coaching or self development if used in a phased manner, going through a section per week or similar time-frame. A definite must-buy for any aspiring inspirational leader.

Contributed by: Eugenia Ioannou-Papadopoulos