How to Stop Worrying and Start Living


How to Stop Worrying and Start Living 
Author Dale Carnegie
Title How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
Category Job Stress/ Job Burnout
0000058467 / 978-1607964001  
Country USA
Published 27-Dec-2011
No of Pages 314

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When I came across this book, I thought: "Hmm, another book where a lot is written and little is possible. Oh, its 400 pages and I won't have time to read it!” However, looks are deceiving. As soon as I began to read, the book won my full attention and trust by the simplicity of expression, the immediacy of advice and the "methods" of combating anxiety that nests in our minds.

Dale Carnegie wrote this book in 1948 and when it was published, it became a best seller! When writing this book, he felt that worries and concerns of everyday life tied him down and affected his health. So he used the writing of the book as a way to find the cause of anxiety and change these little, everyday things that cause stress and burden. The book aims to help readers find themselves, communicate effectively with people close to them and concentrate on what is really important in life.

We should remember that our worry and anxiety can cause serious illnesses, so it is urgent to reduce and, if possible, get rid of them for forever. Carnegie provides problem analysis and problem solving methods. Following them, we can give immediate solutions and continue with the rest of our daily tasks. Concerns are inevitable but most things we worry about will never happen! So the first step is to recognize the concerns that really deserve our attention and certainly to stop worrying about things that occurred in the past! There is nothing we can do now, be concentrated in the present and the future. Moreover, a source of anxiety is criticism we receive (or we might receive) by other people, as well as malicious gossip. We must distinguish the feedback and comments which deserve our attention. What comments can help us improve and if criticism comes from envy. Criticism from those who envy us must be taken as compliments! If they are so upset, it means we are doing really well! In the field of Human Resource Management, every day we are confronted with several problems which appear the one after the other and demand we give immediate solutions that would satisfy all parties. Our job is demanding, there are concerns, pressure, deadlines and each day is largely unpredictable because we deal with human affairs. On the other hand, we cannot be efficient if we don't have peace, energy and enthusiasm, so we can think clearly and inspire others too. «How to Stop Worrying and Start Living» can help us improve in these aspects of our profession.

D. Carnegie promises that if you put into practice the methods he suggests, you can avoid fatigue, look younger, eliminate immediately half your professional concerns and reduce financial worries.So, if you want to see these promises come true, you should get started and -not just read- but also apply!After all "knowledge isn't a power until it is applied!"


Contributed by: Natasa Ellina