How to Organise Yourself


How to Organise Yourself 
Author John Caunt
Title How to Organise Yourself
Subtitle Creating Success
Category Succession Planning
0749467185 / 978-0749467180  
Publisher Kogan Page; Fourth Edition edition
Country UK
Published 28-Mar-2013
No of Pages 192

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Due to their small size few companies in Cyprus employ more than one individual in the HR department, As a result, it would be difficult to find any HR professional not bombarded daily with information, emails, meeting requests, tasks and new to-do’s.

Coping with excessive workload can be very daunting and stressful. How to Organise Yourself is aimed at disorganised and overwhelmed readers. Unlike other similar books, this one is brief, practical and offers feasible solutions to real work problems, sparing the reader any theory.

Time planning is the starting point for an organised life in the office. The relevant chapter suggests a number of ways to organise one’s time including task prioritisation (including email sorting) and time tracking. The book recommends using an electronic calendar to plan activities. I have personally followed this advice and I can tell you that by using an online calendar service I have never missed an appointment because of the automatic reminders.

The book also makes suggestions on how to deal with procrastination or mobilising the power of habit to create a functional routine. For example, dedicating the first 15 minutes every day to plan for its remainder can free up time to return phone calls. Other chapters are dedicated to organising information and filing systems, dealing with interruptions, or even organising one’s working space. I was pleased to see that there are two sections dedicated to conducting effective meetings and dealing with other people (including saying no to them from time to time).

Make no mistake; this is not an authoritative book on time or information management, but a practical guide employing a down to earth approach. I also recommend reading the book along with Clare Evans’ Time Management for Dummies since the two complement each other. Whether in HR or not, How to Organise Yourself is a book that will benefit anyone working in an office environment.


Contributed by: Theodoros Giovanni