Awaken the Giant within


Awaken the Giant within 
Author Anthony Robbins
Title Awaken the Giant within
Subtitle How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Life
Category Training& Development
0743409388 / 978-0743409384  
Publisher Pocket Books
Country USA
Published 02-Jan-2001
No of Pages 544

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Lately, we all hear the word “Crisis” several times almost every day. Even if we don’t actually hear it we can see the impact that it has on our daily lives. So in my search to find a way out of this crisis, I stumbled upon the book “Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins. I believe that it is one of the best and most comprehensive books on personal development and a must-read for everyone who is having financial or any kind of problems. The message that Tony wants to pass around is that: we all posses the power and control to shape our lives so that we can think, feel and do whatever we want to do. The book illustrates that everything begins within our own minds so if we can control our minds we can control our lives as well. It is well written and easy to ready and as a reader you have the feeling that the author speaks to you directly. He does a good job detailing the steps and the techniques that you have to use so that you can create and implement a success plan.

A few tips from the book are the following:
- Decision making is a skill that improves with practice. Good practice to develop that skill is to start making decisions and follow them through.
- Behaviors are based on our beliefs and value systems so changing our beliefs can change our behaviors and by extension the results of our actions.
- Changing the questions that we place ourselves and to others change the responses that we get from our minds and from others. So start asking positive questions in order to get positive answers.

So grab that book from your nearest library or bookstore and make a life shift to realize your dreams. It will provide a mental place to visit when doubts cloud your mind and worries conquer you. You will not only feel good but it will show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel and everything will be ok at the end, as always. I strongly recommend this book as it shifted my life and I can finally say that I am living my dream. But be mindful that simply reading the book is not enough. You must study and most of all apply all those wonderful skills that you will learn by reading it in order to fulfill your dream, whatever that may be.

Personally, I can’t say that I apply everything that I learned from reading it but I made a promise to myself to make the most of it so I applied many of the skills that have helped me to redirect my mind for success.

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.” (Benjamin Mee)

Contributed by: Adonis Anastasiou