Student HR Competition



The aim of the Student Competition which is organized by the Organizing Committee is to:
Assist students in applying HR theory from their studies into practice, in preparation for the real world of business.
Develop students’ skills in innovation, analysis, problem-solving and presentation.
Contribute to the development of transferable competencies among students.
Provide recognition to students by promoting the winners through our publications and the various social media (People& Work, Website, LinkedIn etc).
Promote the Association to Academics and students encouraging long term cooperation.

Within the context of the competition students compete on a Business Case Study.

Who can apply

Undergraduate or postgraduate students studying or who have just finished their studies in Human Resources or are currently specializing in HR or an HR-related field of study. Students may be of any nationality, living either in Cyprus or abroad but must be fluent in English. Applicants must participate only as individuals and not as groups.

Selection process

Candidates must complete an application form and send it via email at Only candidates who fulfill the above-mentioned criteria will be selected to participate in the competition. If there are a large number of interested participants then a pre-presentation report is used as screening to shortlist the 10 best to go to the presentation stage.

Day of Competition
Students will have a maximum of 15 minutes to present their answers to the Case Study to a panel of HR professionals (Assessment Committee), followed by questions for up to 15 minutes. The questions will be based directly on the presentation, the Case Study material and other related HR topics.

Time Frame

The Case Study is drafted in June, promoted to the students in September/October and the actual competition takes place in December of every year.

Student Competition Winners

There are three prizes given out and three winners in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Each year the prizes vary.

HR Student Competition 2008
HR Student Competition 2010