Panayiotis Thrasyvoulou

Managing Director
Onwork Strategy & HR Advisory Ltd


Key Responsibilities:
Convenes the Board meetings and General Meetings in agreement and after the President’s approval by preparing and sending the agenda and any other material which is required for the effective implementation of the Board meetings.
Drafts the Board’s Minutes and the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting(s) and distributes them to all involved.
Signs the Board Meeting Minutes with the President.
Manages the correspondence of the Association always in agreement with the President.
Maintains and updates the Policy Manual, the Operations Manual and any other related procedures of the Association.
Organizes the Annual General Meeting of the Association in collaboration with the Assistant Secretary, the Officer of the Association and the Public Relations& Marketing Representative. 
Undertakes any other important tasks which are assigned by the President.


Panayiotis Thrasyvoulou was born in Nicosia. He obtained his BSc in Business Management with Merit from Essex University, UK, and then moved on to acquire an MSc in International Employment Relations & Human Resources Management with Distinction from the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE). At LSE he received the “Foundation of Automation and Human Development School Prize for the Best Overall Performance". He is currently a PhD candidate in Management at the University of Cyprus. Panayiotis started his career as a Human Resources Officer and later on as a Human Resources & Quality Manager at Cybarco Ltd and Lanitis Group for 5 years. During the last 5 years he was employed at Unicars Ltd and Tseriotis Group of Companies, where he led the Departments of Human Resources and Quality Management. His main responsibilities included performance management, change management, quality management and organizational development. Currently, Panayiotis operates as a freelance management and strategy consultant. During his career, Panayiotis has spent time with sales and technical teams in Cyprus, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Greece, and Doha. Panayiotis is currently the Managing Director of Onwork Strategy and HR Advisory Ltd, a company focusing on the provision of HR and strategic planning services.

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