Publications and Communication Committee



The core purpose of the Publications and Communication Committee is to effectively inform the members of the Association through the various publications it produces regarding the developments in the Human Resource sector.

    The key activities of the Committee include:

Promotion of research and study of the Human Resource field by offering valid and up-to-date information from Cyprus and the rest of the world through our magazine "People & Work", our Newsletter "Human.Net" and international newsletters.

Promote awareness of the work of the Association by communicating the views and opinions of the Association on issues related to the management of human resources.

Effectively supports the operation of the Association’s website.
 Publications & Communication Committee Meeting - 29/01/2014

Members and Benefits
If you are interested in:
Sharing your experience and knowledge on Human Resources issues
Keeping up-to-date on trends and developments within the field of Human Resources
The creative expression of your thoughts and ideas on Human Resource related issues,

Then the Publications and Communications Committee is the place for you. Join the Committee now by sending an email to

Through your participation you will also receive the following added benefits:
Enhanced written communication and creative thinking
Strong investigative and research skills
Enhanced level of competence in core competencies such as teamwork, problem solving, impact and influence.
    Publications & Communication Committee Meeting - 13/11/2014

Board Representative

Maria Georgiou 
Publications and Communication Representative 

Coordinator Irene Papadopoulou

Members of the Publications and Communication Committee

 Andria Antoniadou    Costas Papakyriacou
   Elena Hanna
   Kiki Kallis

 Maria Christofi      Maria Georgiou
   Marianna Efstathiou
  Nastasia Michael
  Natasa Ellina

Pamela I Miller

  Theodoros Giovanni 
  Vicky Charalambous

Yota Tsiokri



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