Public Relations and Marketing Representative


Emilios Rotsides

Group HR Manager
A. Zorbas & Sons Ltd

Key Responsibilities:
- Prepares the public relations and marketing plan and identifies the events which should be organized by the Association.
Implements the public relations and marketing plan of the Association which includes the organization and coordination of various events except the General Meeting, Annual Conference, trainings and CSR events where he/she has a supporting role.
Ensures that all events and activities of the Association are promoted effectively.

- Manages effectively the Association's Social Media profiles. 
Works closely with the Corporate Social Responsibility& Education Representative and the Publications& Communication Representative as well as with the Vice-President with regard to the Annual Conference and the Secretary for the Annual General Meeting.
- Monitors the work of the Public Relations& Marketing Committee and ensures that their activities align with the goals of the Association.

- Performs project management tasks for key events/projects of the Association assigned by the President.



Emilios Rotsides was born in Nicosia and studied Electrical Engineering at HTI. His involvement with the student community and various social activities inspired him to continue his studies in Political Science at the University of Cyprus. After completing his studies, he worked for a year at the union for the semi-governmental and municipality employees, which was his first encounter with the labour law that eventually paved the way to the human resources sector. He had the chance to work for 5 years at MTN’s Human Resources Department and the last 8 years he is working as the Group HR Manager at A. Zorbas & Sons ltd. Perspective and mindset: “My biggest job challenge is helping the business win the marketplace battle. My customers are the customers of my organization”.  

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