Employment Law and Directives: The Cyprus Employment Law Tool


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The Association in collaboration with Stylianos N. Christoforou & Associates Law Firm have created the first ever application related to Cyprus employment Law entitled The Cyprus Employment Law Tool This application aims to equip HR professionals in Cyprus and their business partners with well-rounded and  timely information on Cyprus Employment Law.

Here is what our members had to say about the tool:

 Thank you for this tool, it is great!’

 ‘Very good job. I needed an application like this!

The application is configured for iPhone and Android devices and is offered free of charge to members. The application can be downloaded here:                    Get App for Android      Get App for iPhone

For any technical support, you may contact Stylianos N. Christoforou & Associates Law Firm at 22 410141 or via email at info@snclaw.eu. 

Members who have no access to the Employment Tool through their mobile devices can download all information by clicking the links below:

Key Employment Facts
Family Friends Policies
Employment Regulations
Income Tax