Cyprus & European HR Award 2015


During the 27th EAPM Congress which took place in Valencia, Spain on October 22nd and 23rd 2015, Mr Izy Behar as EAPM President hosted the ceremony and presented the awards of 2015 European HR Award with this year’s theme "Trust and Talent". There was a high standard of entries for this year’s HR awards. After much deliberation and consideration the judges made their decision on the top three finalists who were then invited to Valencia to receive their award.

The winner of the European HR Award 2015 is:

Svetlana Valeva from Bulgaria Network Intelligence: Trust and Talent Alliances

Svetlana tells the stories of 3 individuals – a top performer to be retained in difficult times, a woman trying to strike her work-life balance when planning to have a baby, and a young entrepreneur daring to develop his emotional intelligence in the company he had started at 16 – and how these situations may empower all of us to connect the dots and build a new employment framework that facilitates trust and benefits both organizations and talents.

Read the full essay here.

The two runner ups were:

Antonia Specchia from Italy Collaboration for Change: The Saipen Path Towards Social Collaboration

During 2014 Saipem launched the project “Collaboration for Change” aiming to merge the efforts dealing with:

-  Knowledge Management, by extending and simplifying the management process of Lessons Learned;

- Internal Communication, with the creation of a virtual place where people may converge to create a common identity supporting collaboration and engagement; and

-  Innovation, involving the entire company population in the generation of innovative ideas

“Collaboration for Change” represents an opportunity for SAIPEM to change the way it does business, by creating new opportunities, making room for people and their initiatives and their passion, valuing their commitment and work, speeding up ways of collaborating, and generating trust and engagement by bringing the entire SAIPEM world closer together.

Read the full essay here.

SMR Hungary Bt. HR Team from Hungary Mentoring Talents

“SMR Hungary Bt. is a part of Samvardhana Motherson Group (SMG) multinational company group which is worldwide in 25 countries with more than 70 000 good-qualified colleagues.

Inside the company is a huge focus on “family” trust between the employees, development of teamwork and recognizing and management of talents. Mentoring talents is what SMR represent, it is important for the corporation to create a positive atmosphere inside the company walls: where the employee feels good, and safe, can develop and plan for long-term.”

Read the full essay here.

As Member of the CyHRMA you have the great privilege to participate in the “2015 Cyprus & European HR Award .

This year’s theme is: "Trust and Talent"
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Outline for Entries

Rules and Regulations

Your work must be submitted to the CyHRMA no later than the 30th of June 2015. Please note entries can be made in the English language only.