Corporate Social Responsibility and Education Representative


Georghios Papagavriel
Associate Consultant 
Kinitro Consulting
Key Responsibilities:
- Plans, coordinates and implements all activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and education/training.
- Promotes all events of the Association related to Corporate Social Responsibility and learning and development of the members of the Association.
- Works closely with the Public Relations & Marketing Representative and the Publications & Communication Representative for the effective promotion of the Association and the events related to CSR and learning and development.
- Performs project management tasks for key events/projects of the Association assigned by the President.
Twenty-five years' experience in the fields (Audit, Financial, Human Resources Management, Consulting)
- Bachelor in Business Administration (specialization in Accounting) – Athens School of Economics and Commercial Science
- Post Graduate Diploma in Organizational Behaviour – University of London
- Master of Arts in Multinational Accounting and Financial Management – University of Reading