Corporate Social Responsibility and Education Committee



The Corporate Social Responsibility and Education Committee has the following responsibilities:

- Develop and implement the training plan for the CyHRMA Members, aiming at providing training and continuous development of their professional knowledge and skills. The Committee is responsible to identify and ensure implementation of the training and development programs.

- Create and develop mechanisms for sharing knowledge and opinions among the members of the Association, on important issues on the HRM field.

- Implement and monitor the Association’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, which focuses on the following areas:
A) Members of the Association: Aiming to contribute in reinforcing social awareness and responsibility and encourage our members to actively participate and support the CSR activities.
B) Society: Aiming to contribute in the reduction of unemployment rate and support individuals in entering the labour market. The target groups are both the unemployed and students.

Members and Benefits

If you are interested in:
- Sharing your knowledge and experiences on the above areas and contribute to the development of relevant initiatives
- Contributing to our effort for reinforcing the Association’s social work
- Contributing to the selection and implementation of targeted training and development activities

... then we are happy to welcome you in the Corporate Social Responsibility and Education Committee.

You may join the Committee by sending an email to .


Board Representative
Georghios Papagavriel

Corporate Social Responsibility and Education Representative



Yiannoula Pattichi
   Christina Kokkinou  


Members of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Education Committee 
  Angelos Louis   Augusta
  Daphne Angelidou    
  Polys Polykarpou
  Vicky Charalambous
  Yota Tsiokri