Conference Committee



The Conference Committee has been established to ensure effective organization of one of the major activities / events of the Association: the Annual Conference of the Association.

More specifically the Committee in collaboration with the Board of Directors of the Association:
- Evaluates the work and hence the success of the last Conference and establishes the goals of the forthcoming Conference.
- Plans, organizes and executes the work of the Annual Conference.
- Promotes the Conference in order to ensure maximum participation.

Members and Benefits

If you are good in planning and organizing events, can adapt to last minute unseen changes and like the detailed work and research,

Then, the Conference Committee is the place for you. Join now by sending an email to

By joining the Committee you can gain the following
Expression of creativity by offering new ideas and development opportunities to the participants of the Conference.
Gaining experience in the organization of conferences/ training events.
Meet new people and networking with Human Resource professionals.
Entitled to free participation in the Conference, given that the conference participation levels meet the budget goals.

Board Representative  
Maria Stylianou Theodorou

Vice President

Coordinator         Irene Papadopoulou



Members of the Conference Committee







 Aliki Antoniadou
   Monica Potsou

Conference Comittee Member Co




 Yiannis Christodoulides    

Annual Conference