Committees & Working Groups


The Committees and Working Groups contribute to the proper functioning and implementation of the overall work of the Association.

The Committees offer our Members the opportunity to network and develop transferable and specialist skills through their participation.

The Working Groups consist of experts who are usually appointed by the Board of Directors and work together to achieve a specific goal.

Currently the Association maintains the following Committees: 
Publications Committee
Limassol & Paphos Coordination Committee

Other Committees / Working Groups that were set up from time to time dealt with the following issues: training, CSR, research, public relations, international relations, labour relations, Constitution.

Ad-Hoc Committees and Working Groups are established by the CyHRMA Board of Directors for specific tasks or objectives. 

Working Groups for the years 2017-2019:

Area     Owner     Supporters
Events (Seminars, Business Breakfast, Party)     Miranda Archontidou     Maria Georgiou, Marios Christoforou
Events (Conference)     Maria Stylianou Theodorou     Marios Christoforou
Publications, Website and Social Media     Maria Georgiou     Athena Neophytou
Relations (Local and International)     Elli Matsouka     Miranda Archontidou
Research     Elena Stavrinou     Elli Matsouka, Andreas Savvides
Membership     Andreas Savvides     Elena Stavrinou
CRM     Maria Stylianou Theodorou     Elena Stavrinou, Andreas Savvides, Marios Christoforou

The Committees consist of members - volunteers under the guidance of the Coordinator and the responsible Member of the Board. 
All members (of any category of membership) may join and participate in the Committees provided that they are willing to offer consistently and substantially to the work of the Committees. It should be noted however that the members of the Ethics Committee are appointed by the Board of Directors.