Career Fair and Entrepreneurship Exhibition 2015 - CUT


Career Fair and Entrepreneurship 2015 Exhibition was held on April 22, 2015 in the premises of the Cyprus University of Technology. The exhibition attracted the interest of hundreds of students and other young people who attended very timely presentations regarding entrepreneurship, start-ups and modern developments in key sectors the economy. Under the Fair visitors also had the opportunity to participate in a recruitment interview simulations (mock job interviews) conducted by members of the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association and submit resumes to 56 innovative companies operating in Cyprus in fields such as new technologies the management of natural resources, communication, trade, shipping, financial, communication, etc

With their participation in the mock job interviews, the students achieved an important first step for their preparation and the presentation of their candidacy for a job. Presented in conditions similar to a real interview, the students answered questions submitted by members of CyHRMA, received feedback on their performance, identified their strengths and areas for improvement and generally familiarized with the whole process that sooner or later they will be called to face in a recruitment procedure.