Athena Programme


The “Athena” Programme (bearing the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom and knowledge) is an annual activity of the Association which aims to promote members’ exposure to the international Human Resource arena and thus provide continuous learning through attendance in international seminars and events in the field of Human Resource Management. Specifically, the program gives support to the younger members of the Association, by financing the participation which covers the cost of travelling and accommodation for the duration of the event as well as the participation fees of the seminar or conference. The selection of the lucky participant is made by means of the draw.



Benefits gained from the participation in the “Athena” Programme:

By participating in the “Athena” Programme, the lucky member as well as all members of the Association can gain the following benefits:

Selection Criteria
Those interested in participating to the “Athena” Programme should fulfill the following basic criteria:
Candidate must be Full Member of the Association for at least 2 years with no outstanding fees.
Candidate should work in the field of Human Resource Management.
Candidate should be under 35 years old.
Candidate must not have been participated in the “Athena” Programme the last 3 years.


2006 – ‘Athena’ Programme
2007 – ‘Athena’ Programme
2008 – ‘Athena’  Programme
2009 – ‘Athena’  Programme
2010 – ‘Athena’  Programme