Assistant Secretary


Andreas Savvides
HR Manager
Supernova Consulting 
Key Responsibilities:

- Assists the Secretary in carrying out his/her duties.
- Replaces the Secretary in case of his/her absence.
Is responsible for the Association’s records and as such has to ensure that there is a clear policy and procedures for the effective management of the records and correspondence of the Association.

Confirms that the documentation of the Board of Directors and the Seal of the Association are effectively stored.

Confirms that the data in Members registry is accurate and up to date.

Handles all issues related to the procedures regarding membership (new members, terminations / withdrawal of members).

Manages the customer service experience offered to the members (including responding to members’ issues/queries).

Monitors the work of the Limassol & Paphos Coordination Committee and ensures that aligns with the Association’s goals.
- Undertakes any other important tasks assigned by the Secretary or/and President.

Andreas Savvides, Administration and Human Resources Manager of Supernova Consulting, is an accomplished HR professional with 9 years of experience in the private sector. He is responsible for implementing human resource management strategies that enable Supernova Consulting to recruit, manage, train and retain a high performing and motivated workforce. Andreas has served as the HR and Administration Officer for Audeh Group. In these capacities, Andreas was responsible for recruitment, development, maintain employment records, policies, on-boarding, training and development, performance management, employee retention, employee relations, policies and strategies. Andreas holds a BA in Human Resources Management with Accounting and MA in Human Resources Management from Middlesex University Business School London. He is an Associate member of the Chartered Institute Personnel Development in UK and member of CyHRMA in Cyprus.
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